Tri-star packaging showcases new collapsible cup

27/09/2018 - 10:28
Tri-star packaging have created a new, pop up cup that collapses in the palm of a hand with a flick of a wrist.

pokito, is a robust, British designed and manufactured reusable cup that can be collapsed before and after use and slipped into a pocket, handbag, or briefcase.

The cup twins flexibility with portability for busy consumers in heir high-street coffee shop on their way to a work or evening gym session.

The cup weighs only 110g, stands at 15cm when fully open, and holds a ‘grande size’ 475ml.

It comes in four sizes, users can collapse the pokito half way to a ‘medio’ 350ml or to 230ml for an after-lunch espresso. When closed, it squashes down to 4.5cm, ready for sliding into a pocket or bag.

A water-tight screw top lid with spill-proof clip seals in liquid to ensure no dripping when sipping and no leakage in the hand or bag.

The FDA-approved food grade materials, with splayed base, ensures that the pokito won’t topple over, can be washed easily by hand or in the dishwasher, as is both taste-free and odourless, so it won’t affect the flavour.

The material’s durability means that the cups footprint becomes environmentally sustainable after 15 uses, but it has been tested to last for over 1500 uses.

pokitos are comfy in the hand and grooved, non-slip and the fully-incorporated insulation band makes it never too hot to touch.

They come in six colour variations – lime, cherry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and pumpkin – enabling consumers to personalise their own.

Retailers, meanwhile, can benefit from branding potential as there is a selection of merchandising tools to suit a company’s needs, whether its for cramped countertops or wall-mounted to save space.

Managing director, Kevin Curran, said: “pokito is so practical because of its portability and water-tight durability: not only is the ergonomic cup confortable to hold, it is compact and lightweight, robust and totally leak-proof, allowing consumers to drink on the go without spilling a drop and then pack it in their rucksack or shopping bag without fear.

“Before putting our faith in pokito, we ensured the product was thoroughly tested by several independent agencies on its durability, water tightness and ease of cleaning. It has lived up to all out expectations on how it can benefit consumers, retailers and catering staff.

“Sales to date have been excellent as consumers benefit from a product that combines the best in functional sustainability with style and elegance. We believe this is the most convenient, flexible and game-changing solution to date for the burgeoning grab-and-go drinks market. Being British-made is also a huge plus.”

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