Speakeasy Ice Creams unveils three new flavours

Speakeasy Ice Creams have announced three new flavour collaborations with award-winning craft alcohol brands,
20/08/2018 - 11:09
Speakeasy Ice Creams has announced three new flavour collaborations with award-winning craft alcohol brands, developed with foodservice and hospitality in mind.

Launching just in time for Christmas, the innovative ice creams offer a unique twist on traditional luxury ice creams in partnership with Lazzaroni and Dorset craft spirits producer, Conker Spirit.

Amaretto (ABV 1.2%) – Lazzaroni has been creating its authentic Italian Amaretto since 1851, made and bottled in Saronno, Italy. The recipe is an old and unique family creation, deriving its flavour from an infusion of the famous ‘Amaretti del Chiostro di Saronno’ cookies. The resulting ice cream flavour has a soft and sweet balance, with the instantly recognisable Amaretto flavour, perfect to offer as part of a coffee gourmand.

Coffee Liqueur (ABV 1.1%) – Conker’s delicious Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is a complex, dark and fruity brew made from the very best speciality Brazilian and Ethiopian coffee beans. The Cold Brew Method eliminates the acidic, bitter elements of the beans and the resulting liqueur is smooth and dark with natural vanillas and caramels. The exceptional flavour of the Cold Brew Liqueur pairs perfectly with the creaminess of Speakeasy’s ice cream for promising a real treat for coffee lovers.

Limoncello (ABV 1.1%) – The distinctive and refreshing citrus flavour of Limoncello is the centrepiece of the delicious and luxurious ice cream. Lazzaroni’s Limoncello is made according to an original recipe from the last century, using only the best Sicilian lemons. The unique flavour of the Limoncello creates a sherbet sensation to the ice cream, perfect for cutting through accompanying rich flavours.

Founder of Speakeasy Ice Cream Jane Woodhead said: “Following the success of our first range, the Ableforth’s collection, we have developed these three additional flavours in collaboration with new and award-winning partners. The Speakeasy Ice Cream brand was created with the purpose of working with the top craft spirit and liqueur producers and we’re excited to see this vision further coming to life with our new offerings.

When developing new flavours, we always have foodservice and hospitality in mind, and the recipe formulation of the ice cream itself has focused not only on its luxuriously creamy texture, but also how it stands up in a commercial setting. We’re very proud to offer such unique and special flavours, as well as a luxury ice cream which is easy to scoop, whilst having an excellent melt down rate.” 

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