Snack report launches in £200 million sector

Snack report launches in £200 million sector
10/07/2019 - 10:01
A new snack report has been released detailing the most influential trends in healthy snacks, a sector it estimates to be worth £200 million.

59% of people eat savoury snacks in the evening. The government has set out new ‘better-for-you’ snack guidelines to encourage people to eat snacks that are less than 100 calories.

Nuts provide a ‘healthy and satisfying’ snack for more than half of British people. The nut sector is already worth £317 million and is predicted to grow even more.

One of the age-old debates is whether people prefer sweet or savoury snacks. Brands have started to offer both in the same snack to satisfy both cravings in one.

One of the buzzwords for 2019 is popped. Popped or baked snacks are not fried and therefore provide a lower calorie alternative. The Public Health England (PHE) Change4Life campaign recommends that children are given snacks under 100 calories in an attempt to reduce childhood obesity. 

Healthy protein snacks are one of the fastest growing trends in 2019. Insect protein for example has become more popular. Some of the insects eaten include: grasshoppers, mealworms and crickets. Plant based and sustainable protein has also increased in popularity in 2019.

The report was commissioned by Bite UK Snacks Ltd who are aiming to become the UK’s leading healthy snacks business.

Jason Bull, managing director of Bite UK Snacks Ltd, said: “What interests me most is the way that a younger audience has embraced healthy snacking and in particular new and experimental formats.

“This is a source of much potential in how the category is going to develop in order to satisfy the appetites of this younger audience.” 

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