Pidy unveils wholemeal quiche case

01/05/2019 - 15:39
Belgium-based ‘ready-to-fill’ pastry specialist Pidy, has launched a wholemeal quiche case.

The new wholemeal quiche case has been specifically developed to achieve an authentic handmade pastry that stands up to the heavy liquid filling of quiches with complete ease.

Made with the company’s wholemeal pressed puff pastry (rough-puff) recipe, the quiche cases have a light, golden finish and slightly nuttier flavour.

Wholemeal flour contains more vitamins, minerals and proteins than refined white flour, making the wholemeal quiche a more nutritionally beneficial yet equally, full-flavoured pastry choice.

The quiche case has a diameter of 11cm and a 4cm depth. The pastry lends itself equally to both sweet or savoury, hot or cold fillings of all kinds. The pastry is pre-baked to seal in the crispiness and provide the ultimate convenience of a 10-12 minute cooking time once filled.

Fabien Levet, commercial manager at Pidy UK, commented: “A go-to party or picnic favourite, everyone loves a quiche. That’s why we make it our aim to ensure our customers have plenty of choice when it comes to picking the perfect pastry for the job. Pastry can be a very personal choice which is why we continue introducing products that suit every need.

“Our new 11cm case is just the right size for generous individual portion of quiche or pie, and features an excellent depth, which leaves plenty of room to pack in the delicious fillings. The delicious flavour from the wholemeal and crisp texture of the pastry complements all kinds of savoury fillings, making it a flexible ingredient on menus all year round.” 

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