Heston Blumental - 'the sugar tax won't stop obesity'

20/04/2016 - 09:01
Heston Blumenthal has called the sugar tax ‘confusing’ and ‘demonising’ and claimed it won’t help curb the obesity crisis.

The chef claimed that demonizing drinks rather than the sugar itself was putting a further burden on parents.

He told The Telegraph: “If Jamie's promoting the fact that sugar's bad for you, then it's a great thing, but you can't just put tax on sweet drinks, you've got to put it on everything with sugar.

"I think if you just tax one thing that's going to confuse everybody further because it's actually specifically sugar that's the problem and that means milk and fruit juice too. It's become a minefield because there's not been enough transparency."

Blumenthal has now launched a new Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE and hopes that understanding nutrition better can help to reduce the UK’s levels of obesity.

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