Fun Friday Food Facts Vol. 14

23/10/2015 - 11:49
On the day that Adele returned to conquer the charts and the nation's heart once again, we're ready to unleash this week's edition of Fun Friday Food Facts.

Naturally blue food is rare and we don’t have an automatic appetite response to the colour. Some weight loss plans use this to suggest serving food on a blue plate, using a blue light in the fridge or even colouring food.

You can cook Salmon in the dishwasher. Wrap your salmon tightly in foil and put your dishwasher on the highest and hottest cycle for a perfectly poached salmon. Detergent is not recommended.

Jackie Kennedy-Onassis liked lunch to have less than 500 calories. It often consisted of a baked potato (150c) with a spoonful of fresh caviar (100c). She’d have a glass of Champagne (100c). Then maybe another one (100c). Total: 450 calories.

If you are an oyster fan and get offered Rocky Mountain Oysters don’t get over excited....they are actually a bowl of fried buffalo or boar testicles a delicacy in some parts of North America.

Did you know Honda literally translates to ‘original rice paddy’? It’s a shame Toyota owners dropped their family name, Toyoda, as that means ‘abundant rice field’. I guess that field wasn’t big enough for both of them!

Antartica is the only continent that does not have a McDonalds - yet.

Honey is the only food that will never rot, it can last 3000 years. They have found edible forms of honey in ancient Egyptian tombs

When food was being rationed in England during WWII, bananas were one of many things to go first. “Mock bananas,” made from boiled turnips, sugar and banana flavouring, were a popular substitute.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but did you know it would take a whole 27 years to try every different variety of apples! Meaning there are almost 10,000 varieties.

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