Country Range launches soft cheeses and yogurts

07/05/2019 - 09:31
Foodservice brand, Country Range, has added to its chilled dairy offering with the launch of a selection of soft cheeses and yogurts including a mascarpone and a traditional crème fraiche.

The nutrient-rich products are made fresh with high-quality milk sourced within a 25-mile radius of the dairy’s production site. Packed with natural goodness, they are 'ideal' for diners of all ages as well as being suitable for those with special diets such as vegetarian or flexitarian.

Available in colour-coded and resealable 2kg tubs, the new products can be purchased via the network of independent wholesalers which make up the Country Range Group.

The full range features:

Country Range Set Soured Cream - A cultured cream with lactic notes, which is perfect as a flavour carrier for dips and sauces, and a key ingredient in Mexican cuisine. 

Country Range Full Fat Soft Cheese - A soft spreadable cheese that is high in protein. Perfect for topping sandwiches and bagels. 

Country Range Luxury Full Fat Soft Cheese - A soft, mild-tasting cheese which is high in protein. It has a higher fat content than standard soft cheese, making it deliciously rich and creamy. Great for cheesecakes, frostings, sandwiches and sauces.

Country Range Crème Fraiche - This French version of soured cream is naturally thicker and creamier in flavour, with a lower level of acidity. Ideal for luxury sauces, quiches, pasta dishes, soups and as a creamy accompaniment to fresh fruits and desserts.

Country Range Mascarpone - This luxurious Italian cheese has a creamy and buttery flavour due to its high fat content. It offers richness to sweet and savoury dishes including trifles, tarts, summer desserts and pasta dishes.

Country Range Natural Yogurt - Our delicious natural yogurt has a light texture and a mildly tangy flavour, providing the perfect option for health-conscious diners. Ideal for marinades, breakfast bowls, tarts and roulades.

Country Range Greek Style Natural Yogurt - Thick, creamy and indulgently rich, our Greek Style Natural Yogurt has an acidic, Greek cultured flavour and a velvety texture. It has more nutrients and vitamins than regular yogurt and is ideal as a healthy breakfast or with desserts.

Country Range Group’s brand manager, Vasita Jantabutara, said: “Dairy is an important foodstuff for many diners as part of a healthy and balanced diet so it’s important that operators use a range of products that they have confidence in and know their customers will too. Our new soft cheeses and yogurts are perfect for caterers as they taste fantastic, are packed full of nutrients and vitamins, and can be used in variety of sweet and savoury dishes. Take our new mascarpone for instance, it’s delicious when used in a tasty tart or trifle to add a bit of luxury but equally as good when used to enhance the creaminess of pasta dishes or cooking sauces.”

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