A bite to eat with...Pod

28/02/2016 - 23:00
Healthy eating chain Pod won the Lunch Business award for Best Lunchtime Menu on the High Street in September. As part of a new lighthearted Q&A series on Lunch Business we grab a bite to eat with commercial director Meg Ellis.

Tell us about Pod in a tweet

Fresh, healthy energy food & vibrant new menus every season packed with clever combinations of absolutely delicious natural ingredients.

What is your favourite menu item?

The hot and skinny - a winter warmer fully loaded with a great choice of flavours & lean protein on a fresh vegetable mountain - light and energising all the way to supper time… what’s not to love?

What are the most exciting industry trends you’ve got an eye on at the moment?

How emerging food trends, such as fermentation, will translate into the ‘everyday’… in the way quinoa, spirulina etc have done so.

Genuine personalisation that returns customer and so commercial benefit.

The most effective ways to build loyalty from digital to discretion of the management.

Relevant and useful menu innovation that focuses on functional benefits and convenience (from eat-ability of the food to packaging)

What makes Pod stand out from the crowd?

We offer a useful food fix - a nutritionally balanced meal that is (and we would say this!) absolutely delicious. Others aim to do this too, but we have a leading commitment to seasonal change, bringing new excitement across our menu several times a year and rotating our famous hot pod lunch recipes regularly. We offer vibrant creativity in our food … something a little different and exciting for those treasured 20 mins a day office workers spend on lunch. As all our food is hand made fresh in each shop kitchen each day, it is seriously fresh and it also means we are able to make adjustments to the made to order dishes for our customers who might prefer theirs with extra coriander, or a little less chilli.

If you weren’t operating Pod what would you be doing?

Setting up a business just like pod.

Where do you see Pod going next?

We believe our brand has a fantastic elasticity and could translate into several different channels and environments. Success would only come with careful prioritisation, planning and great marketing promotion and, critically, the ability to retain an unfailing focus on our core business and customer base as this is where our much valued loyalty is currently.

Do you have any pets? 

Tadpoles. Once a year. In season.

Last year’s offspring….

Preparing to release it into the wild….

Do you have any guilty food pleasures?

Peanut butter stirred through hot oat bran.

Do you have any party tricks?

Eating a lighted candle…. 

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