Bettercaring discovers positive changes in care homes

20/02/2008 - 00:00
Bettercaring has discovered that there are many positive changes being implemented across care homes since the government submitted guidelines from the Department of Health and members of the Nutrition Summit stakeholder group.

Bettercaring found that nursing homes were generally beginning to adhere to government guidelines by sourcing local ingredients from local suppliers and to make meals and snacks.

However funding is a big issue. On average just £2.43 is spent per head per day in care homes which can cause homes difficulty, particularly as residents often have specific dietary requirements.

On care home based in Charnwood, Leicestershire proved that their innovative approach to food had been a success. They offer care home residents a 24 hour kitchen service so that residents can pick and choose from a selection of food whenever they feel hungry.

Through this system, residents have been more inclined to eat and are healthier as a result.


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