Fun Friday Food Facts 2019 Vol. 6

08/02/2019 - 09:33
What a miserable week it's been! End Friday on a high note with our Fun Friday Food Facts!
  • Contrary to popular belief, croissants are believed to have originated in Austria, not France. Austrian artillery officer August Zang is credited with bringing the croissant to France when he opened his own Viennese bakery in Paris (1830s)
  • People in Japan grow watermelons in glass cubes to force them into forming square-shaped. These cubic melons are easier to store in refrigerators and slide into squares, and sell for significantly more than regular watermelons. The seeds from these melons still produce round watermelons, unless those, too, are grown in cubes
  • The fastest marathon ever run by a competitor dressed as a fruit was the 2 hours, 58 minutes, and 20 seconds recorded by British runner Patrick Wightman, who was dressed as a banana
  • You can only whip cream at 10 deg Celsius or lower, any warmer and you end up with butter!

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