Fun Friday Food Facts 2018 Vol.9

02/03/2018 - 10:38
Given this week's frostier climate, we've gone with a 'frozen' theme for this week's Friday Food Facts...
  • Workers at the world’s largest food freezer in Richland, USA have to use oxygen tanks because the sub-zero atmosphere is nitrogen – rich to reduce the fire risk
  • When Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield went into business as Ben & Jerry, they chose ice-cream as bagel-making equipment was too expensive
  • Brown sugar will not harden if stored in the freezer
  • In 2014, Haagen-Dazs unveiled its first vegetable carrot- and tomato-flavoured ice cream in Japan, The series was called Spoon Vege. As expected it didn’t take off.
  • Frozen sandwiches will thaw by lunchtime. If the bread is buttered prior to freezing, the bread will not become soggy or absorb any filling.

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