BNF to launch ‘quality calorie’ concept to promote healthier eating

British Nutrition Foundation Judy Buttress quality calorie
Judy Buttriss: We're looking at the quality not simply the quantity of calories we consume
11/09/2018 - 07:00
The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) is to launch an idea it believes will help people to ‘make the most’ of their calories and improve the quality of their diets.

The Quality Calorie (QC) concept, developed by the nutrition science team at the BNF, will be formally unveiled at BNF’s London head office on September 19th.

Professor Judy Buttriss, director general of the BNF said: “We are aware that, as a nation, we are consuming too many calories, and to support our battle for weight management, it is important that we reduce the number of calories we eat.

“But, in order to maintain a healthy diet, it is also key that we consider the nutritional quality of our food and drink.

“Our brand new concept focuses on small, simple swaps that can be made every day. It provides a fresh approach to calorie intake – looking not just at the number of calories we consume, but also the quality.

“While the number of calories we eat or drink affects our ability to maintain a healthy weight, the nutritional value of these calories is also critical in ensuring we get enough of the nutrients we need and a limited amount of those we don’t.

“With the QC concept, the BNF aims to refocus consumer attention on the quality of the calories they are eating to help achieve a balanced and nutritionally rich diet.”

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